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Shakira - 'Cant Remember to Forget You'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 12-03-2017
09:18:00am the who - slip kid - The Who By Numbers
09:30:00am the who - however much i booze
09:30:00am the who - Squeeze Box
09:30:00am the who - dreaming from the waist
09:35:00am Big Star - when my baby's beside Me
09:38:00am The Chills - February
09:40:00am fleur-de-lys - liar, vol. 2
09:42:00am the chesterfield kings - trip through tomorrow
09:48:00am the great scots - lost in conversation
09:51:00am the bad seeds - tast of the same
09:54:00am the barracudas - 1965 again
09:57:00am the beatles - think for yourself
10:01:00am the feelies - let's go
10:03:00am the brian jonestown massacre - going to hell
10:06:00am golden smog - friend
10:12:00am tommy keene - back to zero - Places That Are Gone
10:18:00am Big Star - in the street
10:21:00am The Records - Starry Eyes
10:24:00am Teenage Fanclub - What You do to Me
10:27:00am The Creation - How does It Feel To Feel
10:33:00am The Clean - anything could happen
10:35:00am Scott & Charlene's Wedding - lesbian wife
10:38:00am factory - try a little sunshine, vol. 1
10:41:00am Nirvana - frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle
10:46:00am The Second Helping - hard times
10:48:00am The Ugly Ducklings - nothin'
10:51:00am nick lowe - they called it rock
10:55:00am alex chilton - just to see you - stuff
11:00:00am dBs - Amplifier
11:03:00am cheap trick - i want you to want me
11:06:00am black mountain - stay free
11:13:00am Big Star - best chance we ever had
11:13:00am REM - little america
11:18:00am simon & garfunkel - only living boy in new york
11:21:00am love - i'm down
11:31:00am tommy keene - places that are gone