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Marc Ford - 'Marc Ford A Change of Mind Its About Time'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 11-12-2017
09:25:00am U2 - 11 o'clock tick tock (live)
09:33:00am Big Star - when my baby's beside Me
09:36:00am ultimate painting - winter in your heart
09:39:00am Cloud Nothings - even if it worked out
09:42:00am bonny doon - summertime friends
09:49:00am the loud family - erica's world
09:52:00am the three o'clock - stupid question
09:55:00am Doleful Lions - driller killer
09:59:00am The Olivia Tremor Control - green typewriters
10:03:00am The Music Tapes - in an ice palace
10:06:00am Real Estate - suburban beverage
10:12:00am Neutral Milk Hotel - tuesday moon
10:16:00am brinsley schwarz - ju ju man
10:19:00am The Fabulous Thunderbirds - last night i got loaded
10:23:00am stef chura - on and off for you
10:27:00am car seat headrest - War is coming
10:32:00am Big Star - she's a mover
10:35:00am the posies - golden blunders
10:38:00am material issue - Kim the Waitress
10:41:00am those pretty wrongs - i'm for love
10:52:00am The Box Tops - together
10:53:00am yo la tengo - cast a shadow
10:56:00am J. Geils Band - i don't need you no more
10:59:00am the high llamas - Winter's Day
11:07:00am wilco - One Hundred Years from Now
11:08:00am happy ashtray - starlight - weathervane
11:13:00am Young And Sexy - tresspass on a thought
11:17:00am brian jonestown massacre - going to hell
11:24:00am band of horses - First Song
11:27:00am sweet apple pie - harder than we thought