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Heart High Blood Pressure - 'n/s'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 11-04-2018
10:07:00am Big Star - Way out West
10:08:00am Art of Lovin' - Good times
10:08:00am The Who - however much i booze
10:12:00am The Replacements - Another Girl, Another Planet (live)
10:14:00am Chris bell - Make a Scene
10:23:00am brinsley schwarz - surrender to rhythm
10:27:00am the turtles - Elenore
10:29:00am curt newbury - s & c see me
10:33:00am lou reed - charley's girl
10:36:00am satan's breed - laugh myself to the grave
10:39:00am Truth - music is life
10:49:00am Big Star - Watch the sunrise
10:49:00am The Quick - Pretty Please
10:54:00am The Jam - In the City
10:56:00am teenage fanclub - Everything Flows
11:02:00am Sebadoh - Got It
11:03:00am The Three O'Clock - Jetfighter
11:10:00am dBs - spy in the house of love
11:14:00am The Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls
11:17:00am the meanies - It's True
11:20:00am NRBQ - it's not so hard
11:20:00am The Ramones - Chinese Rock
11:21:00am The Beat - Rock n Roll Girl
11:30:00am Clear Light - they who have nothing
11:36:00am The Nerves - when you find out
11:37:00am The Moment - In This Town
11:38:00am Fastball - Fire Escape
11:45:00am The Smithereens - Drown in My Own Tears
11:48:00am Roll Ups - Blackmail
11:53:00am The Raspberries - On the Beach
11:53:00am The Knack - Time Time Time
12:01:00pm The Chills - February
12:04:00pm Guided By Voices - My son cool
12:09:00pm David Bowie - Bewlay Brothers
12:10:00pm The Jangle Band - Love You Too
12:14:00pm Untamed - I'm Asking You
12:16:00pm The Lemonheads - i'll do it anyway
12:27:00pm Big Star - In the street
12:27:00pm the Clash - version city
12:31:00pm Buck Owens - Under your spel again
12:34:00pm Nigel Stonier Band - still not over you
12:38:00pm Ambulance - I remember
12:45:00pm The Byrds - i'll feel a whole lot better
12:45:00pm Eddie Floyd - Groove Me
12:48:00pm The Atlantics - When You're Young
12:51:00pm Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device