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All Time Low - 'Good Time'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 10-07-2018
11:05:00am Big Star - way out west
11:08:00am The Atlantics - when you're young
11:10:00am dBs - Neverland
11:12:00am The Pleasers - Troublemaker
11:14:00am any trouble - playing bogart
11:17:00am the clash - remote control
11:23:00am shoes - too late
11:26:00am the now - you're the one
11:29:00am the gas - definitely a lie
11:31:00am king curtis - memphis soul stew
11:33:00am Sid Sideboard & The Chairs - Denise
11:37:00am sunnyboys - alone with you
11:41:00am the explosives - A Girl Like You
11:48:00am Split Enz - poor boy
11:56:00am the chills - hope is fading
11:56:00am the replacements - can't hardly wait (demo)
12:00:00pm alex chilton - jumpin jack flash
12:06:00pm Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion - She's The One
12:09:00pm The Slickee Boys - the brain that refused to die
12:24:00pm Shadows of Knight - gospel zone
12:25:00pm The Del Fuegos - don't run wild
12:27:00pm king floyd - groove me
12:29:00pm rockpile - if sugar was as sweet as you
12:32:00pm the marmalade - Hey Joe
12:36:00pm the hollies - Look Through Any Window
12:41:00pm the lemonheads - rest assured
12:43:00pm Emitt Rhodes - fresh as a daisy
12:46:00pm chris bell - there was a light
12:50:00pm mystic - i get so disgusted
12:53:00pm the shady daze - i'll make you pay
12:58:00pm graham parker & the rumour - hold back the night
01:01:00pm off broadway - new little girl
01:05:00pm fotomaker - where have you been all my life?
01:10:00pm The Favourites - Angelica
01:11:00pm the onlookers - You and I
01:18:00pm the smithereens - only a memory
01:18:00pm aretha franklin - Until You Come Back To Me
01:21:00pm funboy 3 - our lips are sealed
01:24:00pm SOS - The Favourites
01:27:00pm REM - We walk (live)
01:34:00pm orca team - vancouver, bc
01:37:00pm the posies - I Am the Cosmos
01:41:00pm the meters - Cissy Strut
01:45:00pm I'm from Barcelona - oversleeping
01:47:00pm The B Girls - Fun at the beach
01:49:00pm The Who - Going Mobile
01:56:00pm The Chills - Pink Frost
01:59:00pm The Clash - Lover's Rock
02:04:00pm the beatles - i me mine (alternate take)
02:06:00pm johnny taylor - who's making love
02:09:00pm Dwight Twilley Band - I'm on Fire
02:11:00pm Shoes - jet set (v2)
02:21:00pm buffalo tom - when you discover
02:22:00pm Teenage Fanclub - God knows it's true
02:26:00pm Sonic Youth - Reena
02:31:00pm paul westerberg - Love You In The Fall
02:33:00pm bad finger - just a chance
02:34:00pm Bram Tchaikovsky - girl of my dreams