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Harry Nilsson - 'One'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 07-09-2017
09:33:00am wilco - monday
09:36:00am The Creation - Making Time
09:39:00am Blossom Toes - Wait A Minute
09:42:00am Big Star - Hung Up With Summer
09:51:00am the pretty things - Get A Buzz
09:54:00am The Beatles - Getting Better
09:56:00am moving sidewalks - 99th floor
09:59:00am The Mar-Keys - Grab This Thing
10:09:00am The Standells - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
10:11:00am the troggs - I can't control myself
10:13:00am The Slickee Boys - when i go to the beach
10:16:00am REM - harborcoat
10:25:00am The Dictators - who will save rock and roll?
10:30:00am MC5 - Kick Out the Jams (live)
10:31:00am the housemartins - sitting on the fence
10:31:00am Graham Coxon - That's When I Reach For My Revolver
10:45:00am JD Souther - black rose
10:48:00am love - gather 'round
10:51:00am poco - let's dance tonight
10:54:00am dr. john - god is good
11:02:00am the phantom helmsmen - hippier than thou - lessons worth learning
11:06:00am Ty Seagall - talkin'
11:08:00am nick lowe - so it goes
11:11:00am the replacements - kiss me on the bus
11:18:00am Afternoon Naps - the day we started
11:21:00am Big Star - watch the sunrise
11:24:00am Scott & Charlene's Wedding - gammy leg
11:27:00am Teenage Fanclub - alcoholiday