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Queens of the Stone Age - 'Fairweather Friends'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 06-18-2017
09:12:00am happy ashtray - and you will lead the way
09:32:00am big star - in the street
09:35:00am The Records - Starry Eyes
09:38:00am Teenage Fanclub - what you do to me
09:39:00am happy ashtray - sheriff
09:42:00am The Creation - How does It Feel To Feel
09:47:00am the great scots - lost in conversation
09:49:00am the barracudas - (i wish it good be) 1965 again
09:50:00am the bad seeds - Taste Of The Same
09:57:00am the beatles - think for yourself
10:02:00am the driscolls - my father's name was dad
10:06:00am The Second Helping - hard times
10:09:00am The Ugly Ducklings - nothin'
10:11:00am the band - don't do it
10:16:00am The Soundtrack of Our Lives - ten years ahead
10:19:00am Big Star - Country Morn
10:23:00am The New Pornographers - whiteout conditions
10:27:00am Marmalade - Reflections of My Life
10:33:00am yo la tengo - stockholm syndrome
10:36:00am nick lowe - they called it rock
10:39:00am tommy roe - jam up and jelly tight
10:41:00am alex chilton - just to see you
10:49:00am poco - a good feelin' to know
10:52:00am Superdrag - extra sensory
10:55:00am the pretty things - mr. evasion
10:59:00am The Jam - mr. clean
11:04:00am Deer Tick - Smith Hill
11:06:00am badfinger - No Matter What
11:10:00am big star - back of the car
11:12:00am phantom helmsmen - yellow van - lessons worth learning