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Queens of the Stone Age - 'Fairweather Friends'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 06-11-2017
09:34:00am Big Star - mod lang (studio rehearsal)
09:37:00am the juliana hatfield three - Spin the Bottle
09:40:00am Hoodoo Gurus - the other side of paradise
09:43:00am The Beatles - good morning
09:49:00am Guadacanal Diary - trail of tears
09:51:00am fever tree - where do you go?
09:54:00am the pretty things - Cry to Me
09:57:00am Blossom Toes - when the alarm clock rings
10:03:00am Big Star - Take Care
10:05:00am Them - Black Widow Spider
10:09:00am bob dylan - Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
10:16:00am tomorrow the moon - those grey men
10:24:00am James Brown - bring it up (hipsters ave)
10:27:00am Ty Segall - talkin'
10:30:00am raspberries - tonight
10:33:00am Sly and the Family Stone - If You Want Me To Stay
10:40:00am eddie floyd - raise your hand
10:42:00am the who - substitute
10:45:00am allah-las - ela navega
10:49:00am melvin van peebles - sweetback's theme
11:00:00am uncle tupelo - long cut
11:02:00am buffalo springfield - questions
11:05:00am big star - you can't have me
11:08:00am The Creation - Making Time
11:15:00am Big Star - Don't Lie to Me
11:18:00am The Go-Betweens - caroline and i
11:21:00am the driscolls - father's name was dad
11:23:00am buzzcocks - harmony in my head
11:29:00am happy ashtray - and you will lead the way