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Brothel - 'Interlude'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 05-06-2018
09:04:00am The Lemonheads - Half the Time
09:07:00am Big Star - she's a mover
09:10:00am the minders - hooray for tuesday
09:13:00am The Backsliders - never be your darling
09:21:00am mathew sweet and Susanna Hoffs - Back Of The Car
09:23:00am Old 97s - stoned
09:27:00am Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - london boys (live)
09:30:00am Vehicle Flips - song for pahaquarry, nj
09:36:00am los lobos - this time
09:39:00am Emitt Rhodes - face on the floor
09:41:00am Meligrove Band - i do
09:44:00am todd snider - beer run
09:50:00am Dead Ghosts - she likes it
09:52:00am nick lowe - cruel to be kind
10:01:00am dB's - that time is gone
10:03:00am Big Star - Get What You Deserve
10:04:00am Robyn Hitchcock - it was the night
10:11:00am the monkees - Love Is Only Sleeping
10:11:00am the push kings - i hate everyone but you
10:15:00am The Velvet Underground - lonesome cowboy bill
10:18:00am the style council - solid bond with your heart
10:23:00am vagrants - i don't need your lovin'
10:26:00am The Gants - my baby don't care
10:28:00am Eggstone - like so
10:32:00am The Beatles - dig a pony
10:36:00am evan dando - hannah & gabi (demo)
10:40:00am the chesterfield kings - trip through tomorrow
10:43:00am Grateful Dead - althea
10:49:00am Jerry Garcia Band - neighbor, neighbor
10:59:00am Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon - are you drinkin with me Jesus?
11:06:00am clean - anything could happen
11:06:00am fotomaker - miles away
11:10:00am The Pretenders - thumbelina
11:13:00am big star - when my baby's beside me
11:18:00am Uncle Tupelo - long cut
11:21:00am bread - Guitar Man
11:26:00am the pretty things - summertime
11:32:00am factory - try a little sunshine, vol. 1
11:36:00am james gang - crusin down the highway
11:40:00am canned heat - highway 401
11:45:00am Pure Prairie League - two lane highway
11:56:00am rolling stones - rocks off
11:58:00am Drive By Truckers - Guitar Man Upstairs
11:59:00am Little Feat - let it roll