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ILLENIUM, Joni Fatora - 'Sleepwalker'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 03-17-2019
10:05:00am Big Star - Watch the sunrise
10:06:00am Ash - Girl from Mars
10:09:00am The Posies - Love Comes
10:13:00am Sharon Van Etten &Shearwater - Stop Draggin My Heart Around
10:19:00am Chewy Marble - Picture the finger
10:22:00am The Trees - Forget the letter
10:26:00am Dillard & Clark - Lyin down the middle
10:27:00am The Waterboys - Rare, precious, and gone
10:36:00am The Pop - You Outta Know
10:39:00am The Velvet Underground - Ride into the sun
10:44:00am Surf Curse - In my head til I'm dead
10:47:00am Horslips - Trouble (with a capital T)
10:53:00am Teenage Fanclub - alcoholiday
10:58:00am The Realists - I've got a heart
11:00:00am The Now - You are the one
11:03:00am Aslan - This is
11:07:00am The Barracudas - the KGB made a man out of me
11:12:00am Philip Lynott - Old Town
11:15:00am The Pleasers - Troublemaker
11:17:00am U2 - Gloria
11:22:00am U2 - Fall Down
11:25:00am U2 - i threw a brick
11:34:00am The Pogues - Rainy night in Soho
11:37:00am Any Trouble - Playing Bogart
11:39:00am The Gas - Definitely is a lie
11:42:00am The Questions - Can't get over you
11:45:00am Ronnie Mayor - Can't Wait Till The Summer Comes
11:52:00am Van Morrison - Cypress Avenue
11:59:00am The Everyday - The Distance
11:59:00am Swim Mountain - Yesterday
12:02:00pm The Explosives - A Girl Like You
12:16:00pm Rory Gallagher - Calling card
12:16:00pm The Fall - Victoria
12:18:00pm Peter Wheat & the Breadmen - Baby What's New
12:26:00pm Sinead O'Connor - Parting Glass
12:26:00pm Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight
12:34:00pm Close Lobsters - I Kiss The Flowers In Bloom
12:35:00pm The Undertones - Teenage Kicks
12:37:00pm Elvis Costello - this year's girl
12:48:00pm The Waterboys - When ye go away
12:48:00pm The Clean - anything could happen
12:49:00pm The Replacements - left of the dial (live)
12:50:00pm The Pogues - i'm a man you don't meet every day