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Queens of the Stone Age - 'Fairweather Friends'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 03-12-2017
09:33:00am big star - best chance we ever had
09:36:00am REM - little america
09:39:00am dBs - black and white
09:42:00am simon and garfunkel - only living boy in new york
09:48:00am big star - life is white
09:51:00am love - I'm Down
09:54:00am Dinosaur Jr. - friends
09:59:00am dave edmunds - girls talk
10:07:00am alex chilton - downtown
10:10:00am big star - what's going ahn
10:13:00am sebadoh - brand new love
10:16:00am the red crayola - pink stainless tail
10:22:00am mr.big - god save me from the blues
10:25:00am big star - the india song
10:27:00am front page review - Feels Like Love
10:30:00am plastic cloud - art's a happy man
10:35:00am Sonic Youth - Chapel Hill
10:40:00am big star - Nighttime
10:42:00am the byrds - you ain't going nowhere
10:45:00am the lemonheads - Break Me
10:53:00am big star - feel
10:53:00am darondo - sure know how to love me - let my people go
10:53:00am the emotions - blind alley
11:02:00am king kahn & the shrines - land of the freak
11:09:00am Christy Moore - Missing You
11:12:00am big star - february's quiet
11:15:00am the jigsaw seen - let there be reverb
11:18:00am the replacements - hold my life
11:25:00am big star - september gurls
11:29:00am the war on drugs - baby missles
11:34:00am valerie june - tennessee time
11:37:00am delaney & bonnie - things get better
11:42:00am the phantom helmsmen - hippier than thou
11:47:00am nash&crosby - Take Take The Money and Run
11:50:00am Elvis Costello and the Attractions - opportunity
11:53:00am the beatles - dig a pony