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All Time Low - 'Good Time'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 03-10-2019
10:04:00am Big Star - You Get What You Deserve (studio rehearsal)
10:08:00am Wilco - Thanks I get
10:12:00am Tripwires - Drawing a blank
10:15:00am Matthew Sweet - Sick Of Myself
10:18:00am The Polyphonic Spree - I'm Calling
10:22:00am REM - Feeling Gravity's Pull
10:26:00am Van Duren & Tommy Hoehn - Your beautiful self
10:35:00am The Doughboys - Shine you
10:37:00am i was a king - not like this
10:40:00am The Red Button - Cruel Girl
10:46:00am Greg Kihn Band - Beside myself
10:48:00am The Yum Yums - All I wanna do
10:51:00am Blue Ash - abracadabra (have you seen her?)
10:55:00am Teenage Fanclub - Speed of Light
10:58:00am The Pretenders - Everyday Is Like Sunday
11:00:00am the meanies - it's true
11:05:00am Chris Bell - Look Up
11:08:00am The Moment - In This Town
11:12:00am REM - Can't Get there from Here
11:22:00am REM - Green Grow the Rushes Oh
11:24:00am REM - Kahoetek
11:33:00am Apples in stereo - strawberryfire
11:33:00am The Jam - Solid bond in your heart
11:35:00am The Sorrows - Teenage Heartbreak
11:42:00am The Olivia Tremor Control - a sunshine fix
11:43:00am Eddie Floyd - raise your hand
11:48:00am The Favourites - Angelica
11:51:00am The Beatles - i me mine (alternate take)
11:52:00am Marbles - Red Lights
11:55:00am Freshies - Oh Girl
11:58:00am The Go - Don't take her away
12:00:00pm The Pop - Shakeaway