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Harry Nilsson - 'One'



Show DJ: Rachel
Show Date: 04-19-2017
10:07:00pm Four Year Strong - Maniac - Rise or Die Trying
10:12:00pm Blink 182 - Rabbit Hole - Califronia
10:15:00pm The Story So Far - High Regard - Under Soil and Dirt
10:18:00pm Neck Deep - Over in Over - Rain in July
10:27:00pm Bonfires - Sympathy - A Reason To Get Home
10:30:00pm Major League - Homewrecker - Hard Feelings
10:33:00pm Seaway - My Best Friend - All In My Head
10:36:00pm Knuckle Puck - Evergreen - Copacetic
10:46:00pm Watsky - Stick to your Guns - xFinity
10:49:00pm Palmer Squares - Spooky Language - Spooky Language
10:52:00pm Jay Fructose - Mad Scientist
10:55:00pm Action Bronson - Barry Horowitz
11:03:00pm State Champs - Eyes Closed - Around The World and Back
11:06:00pm Neck Deep - Tables Turned - Rain In July/History of Bad Decisions
11:09:00pm The Story So Far - Nerve - The Story So Far
11:12:00pm WSTR - Footprints - Red, Greem or Inbetween
11:17:00pm A Day to Remember - Bad Vibrations - Bad Vibrations
11:20:00pm Turnstile - Gravity - Nonstop Feeling
11:23:00pm Backtrack - Their Rules
11:27:00pm Gideon - Cursed
11:30:00pm Safe Bet - Irrelevant - How's Life Without Me
11:34:00pm This Wild Life - Just Yesterday - Low Tides
11:37:00pm Mayday Parade - Everything's An Illusion - Mayday Parade
11:40:00pm Front Porch Step - Wrong Roads - I've Never Loved Before You