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Steely Dan - 'Change of the Guard'



Show DJ: Carl Jenkins
Show Date: 02-12-2017
07:00:00pm Smashing Pumpkins - Glynis - No Alternative
07:08:00pm Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Everybody I Love You - Dj Vu
07:12:00pm Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen - Anything Could Happen
07:16:00pm Strangefolk - Speculator - Lore
07:20:00pm John Hiatt - Slow Turning - Slow Turning
07:23:00pm The Flaming Lips - Turn It On
07:27:00pm The Killers - All These Things That I've Done
07:33:00pm The BoDeans - Rickshaw Riding - Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams
07:38:00pm Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Scatterlings of Africa - Third World Child
07:43:00pm The Cramps - Don't Get Funny With Me - Look Mom No Head!
07:46:00pm Steely Dan - The Last Mall
07:50:00pm Jerry Harrison - Rev It Up - Casual Gods
07:53:00pm Echo & The Bunnymen - Rescue - Rescue (Single)
07:59:00pm Soul Coughing - Screenwriter's Blues - Ruby Vroom
08:04:00pm Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
08:06:00pm Champale - Motel California - Simple Days
08:10:00pm The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down - Imagine (John Lennon)
08:13:00pm The Love Language - Faithbreaker
08:17:00pm Simple Minds - Sanctify Yourself (Acoustic) - Acoustic
08:21:00pm Indigo Girls - Pushing The Needle Too Far (live) - Stanley, Son of Theodore: Yet Another Alternative Music Sampler
08:25:00pm Michael Franti - Life In The City - All Rebel Rockers
08:29:00pm Calexico - When The Angels Played - Edge Of The Sun
08:32:00pm Susan Cadogan - Hurts So Good
08:35:00pm Low Cut Connie - Taste So Good - Hi Honey
08:40:00pm The Beach Boys - Fun, Fun, Fun
08:42:00pm Pixies - Allison
08:43:00pm Tom Waits - Get Lost - Bad As Me
08:45:00pm Camper Van Beethoven - Grasshopper - El Camino Real
08:49:00pm The Everly Brothers - I Wonder If I Care As Much - Roots
08:52:00pm Junip - Rope & Summit - Fields
08:57:00pm David Baerwald - Why - Here Comes The New Folk Underground