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do you have room in your heart for the 5-string banjo?

Friday, April 2, 2010  |  Author:

last semester was my first as a radio dj, and my radio show was Monday mornings, 8 to 10. i had no problem with the timme, until i covered a friend’s slot onn a thursday evening, same time as my show in the pm. it was a whole new experience! people calling in, commenting on facebook, I felt . . . well, listened to! and this was different from my early monday morning experience.

well this semester, I aimed for a later time when more people were up and potentially listening. and i got it, fridays from 230pm-4. and what fun!

then i started feeling this sort of pressure . . . putting together my playlists wasn’t the same anymore, because well i had to take into account the fact that PEOPLE WOULD BE LISTENING, for real. and my musical tastes have been referred to as . . . interesting . . . silly . . . at times annoying, because, well

i love bluuuueeegrasss.

and i think it is in fact silly, always musically interesting, and at times i suppose for some people it can be annoying. but it really is my cup of tea. can you dig it?

so just the other day i realized, i wasn’t being honest with myself. my playlists hadn’t been what i really wanted them to be. and i realized as much as i had been trying to please my listeners, i had to please myself too, i had to make my playlists feel good to me if they were to really feel good to my listeners.

who doesn’t love the banjo anyway?

just a word of clarification – bluegrass is NOT country. my collection is mostly instrumental, and just putting the word out that you’ll be hearing more banjo mandolin fiddle guitar goodness on the waves than youve ever heard before, right here on WMXM friday afternoons 230-4.

listen to find out what it’s all about.

love love, erika

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  • Ako wrote on August 22, 2012 @ 9:20 PM:

    Love the site!! A couple of susgtgeions:1. A button on the main page that goes straight to Comments would be cool. In case someone did not want to go into the WOD section to do it.2. My daily WOD email did not come today. I went to redo it and it seemed to give me an error? Wes check the link.Other than that, I love it!!!

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