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Sunday, March 28, 2010  |  Author:

There have been a few requests for putting up the setlist so here it is:Deftones-Diamond EyesSade-Soldier of LoveQOTSA-Make it Wit ChuLet the Night Roar-BowMastodon-Colony of the BirchmenBaroness- A Horse Called GolgothaBlack Pyramid-Visions of GhennaBrant Bjork-Blood in the GalleryThe Smiths-How soon is now?Droids Attack-The Crisis in the City is IncreasingDeath Before Dishonor-Our Glory DaysCreature with an Atom Brain-Sound of ConfusionFatso Jetson-Procrastination ProcessKillswitch Engage-Arms of SorrowYeah Yeah Yeahs-FancyFRIDAY: I saw Calabrese at the Bottom Lounge (Thanks to WMXMpromo!), as usual they were great, a bit out of tempo. They definitely improved since the last time I saw them. Jimmy was a trooper (He broke his arm) in spite of the that he sang and played with 1 finger!! We shared an intimate moment when he passed me the mic and pulled me up on stage to sing. After the show we chilled for a bit and as I left he offered to give me his bass pic. Aside my fangirl crush on Jimmy Calabrese, I suggest everyone checking out their new album: They Call Us Death. I’ll be getting it for the station so stay tuned!!Also this moment was made possible to WMXMpromo, be sure to be on the lookout for tickets and more giveaways from these guys!

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