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  • Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car
    by: Iron & Wine
    album: The Shepherd's Dog
  • Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car
    by: Iron & Wine
    album: The Shepherd's Dog
  • Guilt
    by: Nero
    album: Welcome Reality (Deluxe Version)
  • Lights Out
    by: Angel Olsen
    album: Burn Your Fire For No Witness
  • Invisible Friend
    by: Saturday Looks Good To Me
    album: One Kiss Ends It All
  • Scissor Runner
    by: Jenny and Johnny
    album: I'm Having Fun Now
  • Captain Easychord
    by: Stereolab
    album: Oscillions Fron The Anti Sun
  • Love Song
    by: 1
    album: The Internet
  • Science Of Fear
    by: The Temper Trap
    album: Conditions
  • Get High
    by: Blasted Canyons
    album: 2nd Place

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Dancing Waffle Emancipation

Saturday, February 20, 2010  |  Author:

hi guys, im tyler. Anyone who’s spent more than a couple hours in my presence knows that i have a tendency to interject the phrase “THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME BAND NAME!” into especially verbose or eloquently delivered words or sentences. The art of naming a band is truly that, an art, and i think really good band names should be flaunted. I find myself often stumbling upon new bands on the radio’s shelf and thinking “what the hell? who would name their band (blank)?” Some good band names i’ve heard lately: Yukon Blonde (catchy but not annoying), Unicorn Basement (mythical animal reference). anyways I was just wondering what some of our listeners favorite band name(s) are. Post them in the comments PHOOLZ!

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