Top Adds – 02.27.24

2DANIELLE DUCKEscape ArtistSelf-Released
3REAL ESTATEDanielDomino
4YHWH NAILGUN“Tear Pusher” b/w “Contrato Raw (Fullback)” [Single]Self-Released
5ELEPHANT STONEBack Into The DreamElephants on Parade
6LITTLE LIZARDBig LizaerdGuilt Ridden Pop
7JEFFREY SILERJefinitelySelf-Released
8ERICK THE ARCHITECT I’ve Never Been Here BeforeIDOL
9SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUMOf The Last Human BeingAvant Night/Joyful Noise
10WOLFGANG VALBRUN“Almighty $$$” [Single]Jalapeno

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