Speedwolf is an up and coming band from Denver, CO.They’ve released their first studio album Ride with Death through Hell’s Headbangers, a somewhat lesser known label even in the metal community, but one definitely worth checking out. As for the sound of Speedwolf, they sound exactly like you might expect them to: fast, dirty, and loud. Prolonged listening will actually cause your speakers to smell like WD40. In the vein of crossover thrash, they exhibit the fast and raw feeling of hardcore punk and couple it with the cacophonous trait of speed metal, resulting in something that sounds like Motorhead upped the volume on their guitars and traded vocalists with Darkthrone during their crust punk phase that their trve kvlt fans don’t like to talk about. Whether you’re fan of old school metal or punk, Speedwolf, being one of the few newer bands that can even come close to pulling off that sound and style, is most certainly worth a listen.

For anyone in the Chicago area, they’ll be at the Red Line Tap on April 6 for $7!



  1. Just go my album, and its perfect. I love the cover it is ralely uniqe and classic. The album layouts turned out beautifully, but the best part is . I didn’t have to do a thing!!! Thanks a ton Terra -Jackie

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