DJ Tayb’s Jam of the Week 9/22 Edition

Hey everyone, it’s been a while, but DJ Tayb’s Jam of the Week is back! Normally I will try and post some more current jams, but this week’s Jam has been stuck in my head all week, so I wanted to share it with everyone. This Jam comes all the way from 1988, from the debut album by a little band called Masters of Reality. I have been obsessing over this album ever since I got a hold of it over the summer (it has been out of print for the longest time). You heard me play Kill The King from the album on my show last week, so you know that this is some good old fashioned blues-y rocking! This song is called Gettin’ High, so enjoy all, and stay tuned for more in the future…

One thought on “DJ Tayb’s Jam of the Week 9/22 Edition

  1. I hope that I’m not the only one to send a YAHOO to your “tasty jams selection!!! Love your show – listening to it while I’m slaving at the office and it certainly is energizing!!

    I STILL think you should acknowledge your real identity (by your real name) so you can get full credit for your awesome DJ capabilities!!!

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