Dark Erotic Eighties Music (My Fave)

Tonight Phresh in da Phorest got a little steamy tonight when it featured tracks from obscure eighties films. Such films include (with my own five star rating system included): The Hunger (***), 9 1/2 Weeks (**), Frantic (**), and–from the nineties–Romeo + Juliet (*****). While none of these songs could be classified as hip hop, they all expressed the weird mood that has been permeating my life lately. What does that say about me? Let’s just say that David Bowie from Labyrinth was my first celebrity crush. I think some of that has been resurfacing…

Well, now that you’ve learned a bit about Miss Cleo, I hope you learned more about yourself and how you feel about dark and kinky eighties tracks and other related tidbits.

One thought on “Dark Erotic Eighties Music (My Fave)

  1. Matt Mahoney – It is awmsoee. It was awmsoee! and I can say I was and am very much in Love with the woman in that photo (I’m the man in the photo). Jonas is by far one of the most amazingly creative people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting to date! Thanks so much Jonas. See you soon.

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