Woah: New Website

Yes, we have done a major upgrade on our website (big thanks to everyone who helped make it happen), and now are looking to you, the listeners, to let us know what you want.  We are trying to get more involved with the local music scene and are trying to make your listening experience more interactive with the blog and facebook (WMXM Fishbowl), but what improvements would you like to see?  Any changes to the website, or otherwise?

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5 thoughts on “Woah: New Website

  1. You guys play some amazing music – hard to find anywhere else! I listen most of the day at work to 88.9. Sometimes I hear a song but don’t know the title or artist – is it possible to put up an app that shows last song played?


    Jon in Vernon Hills

  2. Jon in Vernon Hills–

    Thanks for the message. (First of all, working on fixing the color issue within the comments section) but more importantly check out wmxm.radioactivity.fm. It has all our plays for the current month. We also will be integrating it more into this site, so watch out for that as well.

    Thanks for the positive feedback and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you…

  3. Man I hadn’t known or seen this new site until now! This is wonderful guys! I can’t wait to get back to WMXM, I have been introducing a bunch of Thai students out here to the station and they all love it and are planning on starting a student run station because of it. Keep up the good work everyone!

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