So it seems like a lot of my professors have been harping on a lot about something called “synesthesia” lately. What is synesthesia? Google Dictionary defines it as: “A condition in which the real information collected by one sense results additionally in a sensation or perception in a sense other than the one being stimulated. Thus, sounds can be perceived to have colors, colors can be perceived to have taste or smell, etc.”What does that mean? Basically it’s when two of your senses combine to make one awesome supersensory experience. What does that have to do with radio? More than you’d think.Today in my art class, I spent two hours illustrating what a piano concerto looks like. Imagine your favorite song. What do you see? Yeah. Trippy, right?You can even take it a step further. I know that certain songs make me think of certain people, certain times of the year, or even certain weather. For example, Twin Atlantic is very much Fall Music in my mind. What songs do you associate with this time of the year? Are there any songs you absolutely can’t listen to because of what they make you think about? Comment away!-DJ Cai

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