Spring/summa-time jamz

Hi i’m tyler. On the show today I played a lot of music that reminded me of last summer. It’s mostly indie folk/country, and bluegrass music. For some reason the banjos and mandolins just bring me to the outdoors. The new She & Him album has a really refreshing springtime feel. So what are you guys listening to as you bask outside and soak up the sweet vitamin D rays? What do you think is gonna be bumping your car stereo as you drive around town this summer? What kind of music do you associate with summer? I know summer is the time for festivals, personally I will be going to at least one this summer. (SoundSet, a one day indie hip hop festival in Minnesota, and maybe another nearby folk festival) Anybody else going to any festivals this summer? Anybody going to Bonaroo? (drive me to tennesse pleez?) Lollapalooza? COMMENT BELOW GORGEOUS BEINGS!!!!

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