DaytrotterDaytrotter is easily one of the coolest things ever and I want more people to know about it.Basically, Daytrotter is a studio in Rock Island, Illinois (why anyone would ever go there is beyond me) where a fairly substantial number of bands that pass through this very radio station go to record acoustic/stripped down sessions. All of the studio’s recording equipment is analog, and they do as little overdubbing as possible at all times, giving their recordings a nice, warm, live feel. Shortly after recording these sessions, Daytrotter releases the recordings to the public for free.Yeah, free. Unless you’re an audiophile and can’t stand .mp3, in which case you can download lossless files for about $1.00 per track. But considering most of us aren’t recording engineers, I think the free .mp3’s will do you just fine.Take the time to check out their archive, I can almost guarantee you’ll find something you love in there, if not lots of things.-KistlerP.S. No, I am not getting paid to do this.

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