Salchicha III

I thought I’d change it up a bit and write in Spanish for all you Hispanics out there or the “gringos” who like to speak Spanish. hahaEstan escuchando Queens of the Stone Age-In the Fade. Es una de mis bandas favoritas, son muy talentosos y no hay una cancion que no me guste. Quicera ver los en vivo antes que me muera o la banda Them Crooked Vultures. Escribe una nota sobre ellos en nuestra mini-revista: “WMXM newsletter” Se estan interesados en la revista avisan me!I got tired of writing of writing in spanish haha but I was just saying how awesome Queens of the Stone Age are and that I would like to see them before I do. I am over-caffeinated and I can’t focus at all, but you should totally check out my show right now.Here are some bands I recommend:The Dead WeatherBrant BjorkMark LaneganFatso JetsonHermanoEnsiferumTHEM CROOKED VULTURES! <-------------------

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