what up ya’ll. budgie here. i thought for my first wmxm blog writing experience i would tell you a little bit about some of the albums i have been enjoying these days in the station. as i sit here on the squishy, rolly seat in the radio room, i can’t help but shudder (in only the best of ways) listening to Beach House’s new album ‘Teen Dream.’ Beach House is an indie rock/pop-ish (?)/electronic duo from baltimore. Teen Dream is their third album, much less obscure and listenable than the previous two. favorite song so far: walk in the park, but all are charming and different from the next. fans and soon-to-be fans of Beach House will find a love and appreciation for Teen Dream–give it a spin.Air recently re-released ‘10,000 Hz Legend’ and the disc is located on the RPM shelf. first of all, air is coming to chi on march 24 @the riviera. i just bought my ticket which ended up costing about $40. anyways it was worth it; air is hardly ever in the states, not to mention the duo is notorious for their live shows. moreover, 10,000 Hz Legend is technically Air’s third album…i’m not quite sure why it’s being re-released. i guess just because it rocks. that’s okay, right? people agree that this album is more electronic as well as accessible to the average listener in comparison to their other albums. i, however, am not so sure. there are some funky songs on hz legend! which ofcourse makes it even better.oh and pause; i’m currently playing M.I.A’s jam ‘Amazon’ remixed by Diplo. this song rules! damn. upload it on hype.machine.also, on the RPM shelf is Hudson Mohawke with his album ‘Butter.” Ross Birchard, aka Hudson Mohawke, is a DJ and electronic music producer from Scotland. kindly my older brother purchased Butter for me on vinyl as christmas present. recommended songs: twistclip loop & zOoOOooM, among others.check out Fabriclive 49 as well. it’s a little hard to find since it’s in a floppy case but just peak around the RPM shelf and you’re bound to bump right into it.

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