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Panic! At The Disco - 'Far Too Young To Die'



Show DJ: Charlie
Show Date: 02-03-2019
12:59:00pm Sheppard - Geronimo
01:04:00pm Ray Charles - Georgia on My Mind
01:11:00pm Phantom Planet - California - Tchad Blake Mix
01:15:00pm Terry Crews - GED Drama
01:17:00pm The Standells - Dirty Water
01:20:00pm Boy Pablo - Feeling Lonley
01:24:00pm BRONCHO - All Chocked Up
01:27:00pm THREE1989 - Jungle Love
01:34:00pm Lights Follow - Live Your Beautiful Life
01:37:00pm Broken Bells - Shelter
01:42:00pm Christian Leave - Smaller
01:47:00pm Special Olympics - Make A Difference
01:47:00pm Illinois State Bar Association - Reporting Drunk Drivers
01:48:00pm Boy Pablo - Limitado
01:51:00pm THREE1989 - High Times
01:56:00pm Madeline Kennedy - Perfect Shapes
02:00:00pm Imelda May
02:03:00pm Paradise - Broadside
02:09:00pm LaLa LaLa - Destroyer
02:12:00pm Cold Sparks - Wild Card
02:17:00pm Set Sail - Whales
02:20:00pm Wounded Warrior Project - PTSD
02:20:00pm Education Associaton - Teaching Tollerance
02:21:00pm PEER - Bird
02:24:00pm DMA'S - Do I Need You Now
02:30:00pm The Cockroaches - It's Another Saturday Night
02:33:00pm Call Me - Imelda Ray
02:37:00pm Veracity - Rise
02:41:00pm The Cockroaches - Do The Monkey
02:44:00pm See Tracks See Train - Guy Train
02:46:00pm Honeyblood - Bud
02:49:00pm THREE1989 - DAKEDO
02:55:00pm Kara's Flowers - Soap Disco
02:57:00pm Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
03:05:00pm David Glen Eisley, Bob Kulick - Sweet Victory