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Jackie Mittoo - 'Stereo Freeze'



Show DJ: Justina
Show Date: 09-08-2017
05:20:00pm Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
05:24:00pm Stromae - Papaoutai
05:28:00pm P-square - Chop my money
05:32:00pm Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang
05:37:00pm Khaled - C'est la Vie
05:41:00pm Shaggy - Habibi Love
05:44:00pm Don Omar - danza Kuduro
05:47:00pm Big Bang - FXXT IT
05:53:00pm Musical Youth - Pass the dutchie
05:57:00pm Dee Jay - Look Like You
05:59:00pm Spice Girls - Wannabe
06:02:00pm Kwesta - Ngud'
06:07:00pm Shakira - Waka Waka
06:10:00pm Taeyang - 1 AM
06:14:00pm Vishal Shekhar - Tu meri
06:18:00pm Stromae - Formidable
06:22:00pm Daddy Yankee - Shaky shaky
06:26:00pm ABBA - Dancing Queen
06:30:00pm 2NE1 - Come Back Home
06:34:00pm Caiphus Cemanya - Play With Fire
06:40:00pm Gyptian - Wine Slow
06:43:00pm Imran Khan - Amplifier
07:03:00pm Alice Glass - Stillbirth
07:05:00pm Precious Child - My Little Problem
07:09:00pm 3TEETH - Shutdown
07:13:00pm Lorn - Acid Rain
07:21:00pm Summer of Haze - Mavka
07:26:00pm Clams Casino - im god
07:31:00pm Purple - The Deepest Night
07:37:00pm Velvet Acid Christ - Fun with Drugs
07:43:00pm Crystal Castles - Femen
07:45:00pm Grimes, Blood Diamonds - Go
07:49:00pm HEALTH - TEARS
07:53:00pm Lorn - Anvil
07:57:00pm Purple - Make You Mine
08:02:00pm Mr. Kitty - Healing Waters
08:06:00pm sidewalks and skeletons - The Void
08:09:00pm Crystal Castles - Deicide
08:15:00pm HEALTH - Salvia
08:18:00pm Alice Glass - Without Love
08:22:00pm Purple - The Club
08:25:00pm gesaffelstein - obsession
08:29:00pm HEALTH, Boys Noize - STONEFIST
08:34:00pm Sidewalks and Skeletons - Slip Away
08:38:00pm Crystal Castles - Violent Dreams (Sidewalks and Skeletons remix)
08:41:00pm White Ring - Eternia
08:45:00pm threeam - get out of my head