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All Time Low - 'Good Time'



Show DJ: Dean
Show Date: 03-06-2018
11:00:00pm The The, Matt Johnson - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (But Nobody wants to die) - MTRA Music For Nepal
11:04:00pm New Order - age of consent - Power, Corruption, & Lies
11:10:00pm PJ Harvey - Rub Till it Bleeds - Rid of Me
11:15:00pm Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait - 80's: The Collection
11:23:00pm ZHU, Tame Impala - My Life - My Life
11:29:00pm Clairo - Flaming Hot Cheetos - Flaming Hot Cheetos
11:29:00pm Dandelion Hands - I Like You - It's all in your head
11:33:00pm Flaw - Soccer Mommy - Clean
11:44:00pm yung lean - agony - stranger
11:47:00pm Beach Fossils - agony - agony
11:51:00pm Fox Academy - absent - absent
11:55:00pm Fog Lake - almost fantasy
11:58:00pm Fog Lake - almost fantasy - Sense of Adventure 30
11:59:00pm Fog Lake - almost fantasy - Sense of Adventure 30 - Show and Tell 30