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Show DJ: JoeVelez
Show Date: 07-15-2017
09:00:00am Judy Garland - Overture-Trolley Song; Over The Rainbow; The Man That Got Away - Judy At Carnegie Hall
09:00:00am Judy Garland - When You're Smiling - Judy At Carnegie Hall
09:00:00am Judy Garland - Medley: Almost Like Being In Love; This Can't Be Love - Judy At Carnegie Hall
09:00:00am Judy Garland - Do It Again - Judy At Carnegie Hall
09:00:00am Judy Garland - You Go To My Head - Judy At Carnegie Hall
09:00:00am Judy Garland - Alone Together - Judy At Carnegie Hall
09:00:00am PSA - Feather 30 - PSA
09:00:00am PSA - Redwoods - PSA
09:00:00am Buffy The Vampire Cast - I've Got A Theory/Bunnies/If W're Together - Once More, With Feeling
09:00:00am The Seatbelts - NY Rush - Blue - Cowboy Bebop OST
09:00:00am Lou Reed - What Is Good - Until The End of the World OST
09:00:00am Bebe Neuwirth & Girls - Cell Block Tango - Chicago - Broadway OST
10:00:00am PSA - short drive 30 - PSA
10:00:00am PSA - Vacations Are Not An Inalienable Right - PSA
10:00:00am Groucho Marx - Groucho Marx, Attorney At Law - The Marx Brothers
10:00:00am Kinder Atom - Escape From New York - Sci Fi Cafe
10:00:00am Louis Prima - I Wanna Be Like You - Jungle Book OST
10:00:00am Iokanaan - Illinois Blues - YouTube
10:00:00am Otis Rush - You're Breaking My Heart - Cold Day In Hell
10:00:00am Slammin' Watusis - Skt,Skt,Skt - Slammin' Watusis
10:00:00am The Blue Band - Walk Right In (live) - Dealer's Choice
10:00:00am Petey - Watermelons - Uptown Poetry Slam Memorial Day Wknd 2005
10:00:00am Those Darn Accordians - Stairway To Heaven - Vongole Fisarmonica
10:00:00am Escala - Kashmir - Escala
11:00:00am Epica - La Marcha Imperial - The Classical Conspiracy
11:00:00am Weird Al Yankovic - Yoda - Permanent Record: Al In The Box
11:00:00am Dethklock - Better Metal Snake - The Dethalbum
11:00:00am PSA - Jessica's Asthma tip - PSA
11:00:00am PSA - Cartwheel 30 - PSA
11:00:00am The Smithereens - Much Too Much - Beauty And Sadness
11:00:00am Lightning Hopkins - I Woke Up This Morning
11:00:00am Tyehimba Jess - Blind Boone's Rage - Olio
11:00:00am Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't It Rain - The American Folk Blues Festival: The British Tours
11:00:00am Funkadelic Parliament - Up For The Down Stroke - The Best of Parliament
11:00:00am Newcleus - Computer Age - Jam On Revenge
11:00:00am The Bus Boys - Opportuniity - American Worker
11:00:00am Julie Brown - Trapped In The Body Of A White Girl - Trapped In The Body Of A White Girl
11:00:00am Jeff Beck Group - I Ain't Superstitious - Truth
11:00:00am Adam Ant - Deutscher Girls - Antmusic
11:00:00am Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies - Paul's Boutique
12:00:00pm LadyBaby - Nippon Manju
12:00:00pm AOA - Miniskirt
12:00:00pm Big Country - 400 Miles
12:00:00pm The Proclaimers - I Would Walk 500 Miles
12:00:00pm Dwight Yoakam - 1000 Miles From Nowhere - This Time
12:00:00pm Edwin Starr - 25 Miles - Motown Legends
12:00:00pm The Specials - Pressure Drop - Today's Special
12:00:00pm The Blues Brothers - Groove Me - Briefcase Full of Blues