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twentyone pilots - 'Taxi Cab'



Show DJ: Michael
Show Date: 02-10-2019
10:03:00am Big Star - For you
10:05:00am Wreckless Eric - Reconeez Cherie
10:09:00am Pop - She really means that much to me
10:14:00am The Knack - Baby talks dirty
10:18:00am Teenage Fanclub - I Saw the Light
10:21:00am The Scruffs - This Thursday
10:22:00am Chris Bell - Look Up
10:24:00am Pezband - Tracer
10:28:00am The Bats - Things
10:36:00am Apples in stereo - Strawberryfire
10:44:00am Cheap Trick - Downed
10:44:00am The Jam - See Saw
10:46:00am DM3 - Second Floor
10:50:00am Rollover - Shipwreck - Rollover
10:57:00am The Stems - Under the mushroom
10:59:00am The Gruesomes - Serves you right
11:01:00am 20/20 - Strange side of love
11:05:00am Tobin Sprout - E's Navy Blue
11:15:00am The Orange Humble Band - Once precious you
11:16:00am Prefab Messiahs - Desperately happy
11:17:00am The Shrinking Violets - She said
11:21:00am The summer suns - waiting for my love
11:25:00am The Days - Audrey's Curtains
11:37:00am The Maps - I'm talking to you
11:38:00am The Remains - Why do icry?
11:38:00am The Toms - Sun
11:42:00am The Monkey Run - I want the blood of a civil servant
11:53:00am REM - Wolves lower
11:53:00am Jimmy Jukebox - Motorboat
11:55:00am dBs - Dynamite
11:57:00am Let's Active - In little ways
12:01:00pm The Reactions - Tonight
12:07:00pm Bob Mould - Tomorrow morning
12:09:00pm The Someloves - Melt
12:10:00pm The Beatles - Your gonna lost that girl
12:15:00pm Shoes - Your very eyes
12:18:00pm Iggy Pop - Time Won't Let Me
12:26:00pm Pete Townshend - save it for later
12:37:00pm Booker T & the MGs - Groovin
12:37:00pm Big Star - Way out west
12:37:00pm Elvis Costello - I don't want to go to Chelsea
12:40:00pm The Who - Going Mobile
12:47:00pm The Cars - Let's Go
12:49:00pm Marmalade - Hey Joe