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CH-CH-CHill in Wrigleyville

Saturday, April 3, 2010  |  Author:

hi folks, im tyler. Last night i had the pleasure of seeing a band called Beach House perform at the Metro in Chicago. Beach House plays dreamy, indie pop music, and if you haven’t heard their latest full-length Teen Dream then you’re probably residing permanently in a barn in Nebraska. But regardless, the show was awesome and different from any concert I’ve ever been to. First off, the band came out on the stage and emanated a sense of calm, which jived perfectly with their music. Both lead singer, Victoria Legrand, and guitarist, Alex Scally, remarked at how they could feel the relaxing air of spring on stage. After finishing the last song Victoria even told the audience to, “go make babies.” In comparison to other concerts there was much less movement. Not many people were dancing, normally this would annoy me but the show didn’t suffer. Beach House music is much more cerebral; the tremendous reverb caused the music to pulse through my skull, as opposed to my whole body. For a band that is known to play mellow songs, the drums were surprisingly heavy. At this point the “dream” metaphor is horribly cliche but i’m going to use it anyway: Drums became a heartbeat with the vocals, guitar and keyboard sitting delicately on top, spinning intricate melodies. Oh, and just to top it off the stage was decorated with giant diamond-shaped, spinning, piƱata things. But ya, it was awesome, and quite a few other DJs from WMXM were there so i’m sure you’ll hear about it more! Comment if y’alls wanna know anything else!!P.S. If you like Beach House check out a band called Gospel Gossip, they are kinda similar but very unique. We’ve got two of their cd’s here in the station, burn away!!!

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  • Ursula wrote on August 22, 2012 @ 8:27 PM:

    When I used drugs, I simply did NOT show up’ for inetivrews, work, social engagements, funerals NOTHING! Wood Allen is quoted as saying, that Eighty percent of success is showing up. So while using drugs I was missed out because I didn’t show up. My experience with alcohol is slightly different. When drinking, even in the worst case scenario I always show up. However, I’m a faded out, dulled down version of my brilliant self. I choose now to not do drugs, to drink occasionally, and never while working so that I present my optimal self!

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